Brand Identity — The style of your brand.

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Your Brand Identity is how you want your brand's name, communication style, logo and other visual elements to be perceived by your audience.

Your Brand Identity is how you want your brand’s name, style, logo and other visual elements to be perceived by your audience.


This post will identify the elements or anatomy of a logo and explain the broad types and design styles to consider when refining your company’s Brand Identity.

What’s the Anatomy of a Logo?


A signature logotype is a composition of different logo elements, organized into a broader logo. Signatures frequently include the Brandmark, Logotype and Tagline. This style is highly versatile and provides a wide range of uses to match the design requirements of each visual experience.












37% of top brand logos in the world consist only of text, frequently stylized using custom or modified font. These are considered Wordmarks or Logotypes as they are logos composed from text alone.

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Lettermarks are a great example of simplicity in form, they are minimalist and somewhat timeless. Great examples include “IBM” (International Business Machines), “CNN”, “EA”.


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Lettermarks are a




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Geo-Targeted Local Landing Pages

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There have been many approaches to helping businesses rank in cities where they are not located. In many cases these tactics have be deemed as “black hat” or “gaming the system”. For an SEO campaign to be successful, it is so important to avoid all black hat techniques and all tactics that would be considered “gaming the system”.

Rand Fishkin, Moz co-founder and SEO authority, conducted a Whiteboard Friday on October 17, 2014 that addressed this topic. In the video Rand Fishkin highlighted 3 tactics for creating geo-targeted pages and their effectiveness. The purpose of this post is to expound on these tactics and provide additional incite.

Moz Whiteboard Friday

Image from Moz Whiteboard Friday 10/17/2014


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Data Driven Decisions – What Does It Mean For Your Business?

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Only 11 percent of marketers’ decisions are made based on data.

In my experience working with businesses I continually encounter companies who have paid for marketing without previously establishing goals or metrics to track. Doing marketing without defined marketing metrics is like walking blindly down a dark hallway. You don’t know where you are going or how far you have come.

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The Art of Storytelling and Brand Awareness

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Brand - Company IdentityThe Benefits Of Building A Brand vs. Creating Viral Content

What it takes to find success

Take a moment and write down the first five brands that enter your mind. Chances are that you most likely thought of big brands such as Google, Coca-Cola or Kraft. The truth is that the most successful brands have found the magic of making an emotional connection with their audience. They understand what their audience cares about, and ensures the messaging is consistent in all communication.

The question you may be asking is “How Can I Do This With My Brand?” Read More

Effective Social Media Marketing

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Social media Marketing has been known to make or break small and large businesses. Many have asked what it is about social media that can give or take away so much power from businesses. I will answer this question by highlighting a few businesses who have done it the right way and reaped the rewards.

Will It Blend?

Blendtec is a company based out of Utah who sells commercial blenders that are used in many smoothie shops around the country. They have been able to successfully utilize social media marketing to their benefit by growing a large following on YouTube. Many first heard about Blendtec from their “will it blend” videos which take everyday household items and blend them up using the Blendtec blender.

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